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William Delbert Gann, who is also known as ‘Gann’, gave the world many trading principles which are unique and have insights of his own taken from ‘Astrology’ ‘, Ancient Mathematics’ and ‘Geometry.’

His concepts, like the Gann Square, are great in scope and can be implemented very quickly as well. He is also known for his esoteric ideas of trading, which are useful to the core.

The most important part of his research is that he has taken much knowledge from the religious book ‘Bible,’ which he learned at a very early age in his life.

like the Gann Square

Gann’s techniques and tools of trading are very conceptual and based on in-depth knowledge of the laws of nature.

So, anyone who wishes to use his technique cannot just hover over the market but instead needs to have insight and practice in the market to implement his theories.

They are very simple and have very high importance, which makes them worthwhile; Mr Gann’s trading approaches were based on the knowledge of the Natural principles and the Law of Cycles.

Traders who use technical indicators are far from the Gann theories, and thus many criticize his methods to be abrupt.

People who are new to the market might need some time to digest the concepts written by WD Gann as they don’t have much in-depth knowledge of the market.

But once they start understanding the market from the basics, Gann’s work can be put to use. Gann’s works, like Gann Square, are not only accurate in most of the trading scenarios where today’s technical indicators and software fail but also provide an edge to the traders, especially those who are into day trading.

Traders who use his concepts to work in the financial markets have acknowledged the fact that his ideas are intriguing and help in achieving their targets.

Traders who have used both technical indicators and other concepts and then the Gann theories have found that the amount of profit made by using this man’s methods is not even within reach of the profit made by technology-based trading.

That takes us to the Gann Square Theory, which is one of his most likely works, and traders who want to invade the markets appreciate it in real.

Gann’s most intriguing tool for trading is “Gann Square.”

Gann Square is a technique formulated by WD Gann that is used as a tool for the analysis of the financial markets. It is referred to as one of the most sought-after theories as it has a complete mathematical explanation behind it.

As he is known for using geometry for trading concepts, he used geometrical squares and squares of numbers to analyze various things in the financial market.

This concept holds a lot of significance in day trading, and it is accurate most of the time. It is also known as the Master chart, where he uses various mathematical concepts as well. The most implemented concepts under Gann Square are gann squares of 9 and 144 etc.

gann square

​Many people have come up with various versions of Gann Square which are not precisely the way Gann’s theory works.

That is mainly to simplify the concept, but mostly, they are done wrong to the idea itself. There are so many online calculators in the name of Gann Square, but none of them uses the real theory or the concept.

That is why many fail to gain from the market using this concept and, in the end, criticize the same. But if one goes through the body of work of Gann, he will find out what exactly Gann Square is all about.

We have done the same and thus find out how new and conceptual this theory is. It is very to the point and can be implemented in the market, which can reap excellent results.

It is an advanced concept and thus requires a deep understanding and seriousness of the market. No one can even grab this theory just by scratching over the surface of it.

Gann Square, if understood in a real manner, can earn you a lot of insight and profit from the market. But to do the same, you need to understand his research and theories about the market.

Mr. Divesh, with his years of research on WD Gann and his body of work, analyses, and theories, has re-discovered the actual meaning and implementation of Gann square and how it can be used in the markets to reap benefits/profits.

It was only possible through the in-depth study of Gann’s theories and work and the charts made by Gann for trading using ancient mathematics.