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A Master Level Trading Knowledge

Webster said "The man who can teach me something is the man I want to know", King Solomon credited with being one of the wisest men that ever lived. Choose Knowledge and understanding above everything else "Wisdom is the Principal thing : Therefore, get Wisdom and with all thy getting get understanding." Proverbs 4:7 - WD Gann 1954

wd gann trading courses

Knowledge is essential for knowing your Potential and those who understand its Real value & advantages; it’s more than anything on earth.

Education has the Power to turn things around, and thus it is prioritised at the top. It is necessary and its Value or Importance in real terms in infinite.

I believe with the Power of Knowledge we can find out the enigmas and underlying facts which are essential for accomplishing success. These courses will explain all those Secrets to them who believe in the Power of education and knowledge.

There is a saying which we all must know “Slow and Steady win the Race” is correct in its all sense. You must also understand that if you are approaching it in the Right manner, then it might take time but ultimately reap fortunes.

Patience is necessary for becoming successful in trading, and thus when you are learning these courses your focus should be on the knowledge, and you must hold persistence.

Many approach it with a thing in their head that they have invested this much amount and how much they are getting in return. Just remember Knowledge cannot be measured regarding money; instead you must understand what the new prospects these courses open for you.

If you want the Knowledge to be within you forever, you need to go step-by-step. If all the things are put up at once, it leads to confusion and thus results in loss of opportunities.

Like nature has its stages, and not all Laws of nature are included together at one point in time. Similarly, learning must also follow a systematic process separated in different steps for a better understanding of things.

You will be Introduced to new things one after another so that you can understand every aspect of the course thoroughly. 

The kind of financial market we have today and the kind of Ups and Downs we face, there is a need for Practical techniques. That can offer High protection to those individuals that are having responsibilities to protect their portfolios, retirement, and other funds.

Thus, the Whole things indicate down to two Primary questions which are –

“How to efficiently achieve your financial goals?” and; “What approach to follow to achieve it with complete security without losing time as well?”

If you are still putting your faith on the Computer-Based software's to trade, then you must know that they might not as reliable as you think they are and their accuracy and efficiency can put to the test any time, With the financial markets changing rapidly, it is time to bid goodbye to this software and approach the market with efficiency and elegance. 

With trading techniques and knowledge which are based on universal laws can be your weapon to succeed in these volatile financial markets and to learn it’s the right time take wise decisions if you want to learn never-ending and efficient trading techniques here with us.

Point To Point Trading Method

A 'Gann Course' which has 'Two Dimensional' Approach for Predicting Change in Market Trends

wd gann courses

The Untold Secret is no more hidden now, you’ll learn about one of the most vital Market Truth which cause the change in trends in its way but most.

It is Hidden & Secret for the General Public & application of the method is unique which will help you not only to find Buy/Sell points but also tell you about the trend.

  • Works in Every market, its application is not only limited to Larger time frames but also works on Intraday charts.
  • It will give you an accurate insight on the Ups and Downs of Market trends.
  • You will be able to locate the Exact and Precise, Price & Time trend change events.

"...Start with Investment in Knowledge; It Will Pay You Back Tomorrow More Than You Invest..." Divesh

wd gann courses

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It's one of the Unique discovered Trading technique, & well Researched and Practically tested method that will change your understanding of the market trends.

The kind of often evolving market we have today, it's the Perfect time to adopt this method to rule the trading world.

It's a different approach towards trading as compared to any other trading method. Also, the kind of Powerful result it gives when applied to the charts, the results are more than satisfactory.

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Financial Market Energy

‘KEY’ Method towards Successful Trading

There are only a few Practical trading techniques that I have found through my almost two Decades of Research and in-depth study, 'Financial Market Energy' is one such methods.

This method is one of those useful methods that give pleasing Results when applied to any market charts.

The main benefit is that it has its own 'Unique' charting system that matches a wide range of modern financial market charts, including the earlier ones as well.

You Can Discover What Exactly This Trading Method Is All About By The Following Points:

wd gann courses
  • Exact Buy/Sell Points on any time frame.
  • Following the market trend as you know “Trend is your friend”
  • Precise trend shifting levels which show ‘Structures’ of the trends which reveal the market situation.


"...I'm thankful to Divesh for sharing & teaching me 'Financial Market Energy' technique. 

I think this course is proper for making money in the markets, and it gives great results..."Sujit Roy

It will help and assist you for adjusting your Stop-Loss points concerning the Market structure, which means you can resist the loss, which is the core aspect for achieving Great success in trading.

When it’s about Excellence and Profits, Financial Market Energy (FME) has more to offer you than your imagination.

Education and Knowledge are valuable assets and it’s better to Learn swimming first then to swim without the Swimming skills in the ocean. Likewise, Invest in learning before you invest in the market; that's the Secret of Success in trading.

wd gann courses
wd gann courses

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Time is the most Important Factor

“TIME is the most important factor in determining market movements and by studying the past records of the averages or individual stocks you will be able to prove for yourself that history does repeat and that by knowing the past you can tell the future".WD Gann

Time has always been, and it will be the most significant aspect of predicting market movements. The one who can Study the past data and records of the market can understand how history repeats itself, and the future can predicted with the help of the past itself.

The lines mentioned above have one thing in common, and that is TIME. It is the most Crucial factor even in the study of Financial markets to predict the future by using the records.

Most of the Gann researchers and traders have one common thinking and stand on time. They only use Time to try to find a particular Date or Bar on the charts so that they can attain a top or bottom of the market movements or also anticipate a turn of markets.

Through my decades of research, I have acquired Knowledge that Time has Greater reach and resource in itself for the market movements. Often it has been neglected by most of the other researchers who follow Gann.

Reality Which Is Bitter, But It's True

wd gann courses

In the below Dow Jones Industrial Index Chart of 1929, the crash predicts and indicate the Importance of the word ‘Time’ and how it helped in finding the excellent Price turning point.

After years of hard work & research, I gained knowledge, that there is a harmonious and in-depth relationship of Price movements with Time, which Gann was trying to convey through his quote. 

Every price movement has a strong connection with the "Time" in the market that leads to Top or Bottom or turns which all traders or investors seek directly.

Sadly many researchers misinterpreted the Gann words & they made themselves the victims by creating a viewpoint that Time is all about just locating dates or bars. 

However, for understanding the Gann's accurate work & research needs hard work and continued study. It has a lot of intensity and knowledge which is far more than only the Price-Time Squaring rules.

Time in his statement and finding do mean to research the dates or bars, and according to market movements, however, that is only half of what he wanted to describe in his quote. 

WD Gann had other insights along with the Date factor when he referred to Time of the market movements & that completes the total understanding of his quote.

That is the mistake done by most of the other researchers who only take the half-truth in the total finding and then try to implement it.

All my courses provide in-depth knowledge of Time referred to in the quote mentioned above. However, in my courses, you can learn about the "Unique and Extraordinary Price Turning points" rather than only knowing and learning about how to find a date when the market topped in history. 

True Market Rhythm

"Don’t be in Rat's Race it’s Time to Drive with Grace"

wd gann courses

'True Market Rhythm' is one of the priceless technique; which help you not only in trading the markets but will also help you in knowing the underlying plans of the market too.

wd gann courses
  • High Probability & Accurate Buy/Sell Points, with low risk.
  • Forecasting trend Shift points on any time frame.
  • 'Unique' & 'Profitable' structure for the "Price & Time" trends.
  • It will help you in knowing why & where prices can fall and rise.
wd gann courses

There is one Great benefit of True Market Rhythm, after locating the price Turn, it will also guide us about the dips & rise where we can again enter & exit in that continuing trend.

 That is one of the mind-blowing benefits & that one Rule of this technique will help you to accomplish your trading goals, like never before. I teach this Excellent trading approach to very Limited no. of students every year.
wd gann courses

These three Exclusive Price turn of the year 2018 is worth nearly above (1, 50,000 INR). True Market Rhythm will offer you such type of High probability trading opportunities, which will help you in fulfilling your trading goals.

Nothing comes for free in life, especially in a Trading game where we learn from errors & practices. My two decades Private research over Mr. Gann’s trading world is here to help & save you from many of those mistakes, which cost not only money but time too.

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The Secret Edge of Trend

Say Big No to Indicators & Software’s; Now Simple Price Chart is More than Enough for Knowing the Market Trend

For getting success in any field, we need proper Knowledge & Understanding without that success is just like graying. The same Principle applies in our trading world where only proper Knowledge & Understanding of price charts can profit us.

 Traders spend their time & hard earned money on complex study materials & courses, but our course will teach you very Simple & Useful Trend following method, which will help you to Locate Buy/Sell levels with low risk.
wd gann courses
  • Easy To Implement, It's Just Like Calculating 2+2.
  • Predicting Trend Change, Very Precisely On Any Time Frame.
  • Trend Shift Points with More Than 85% Accuracy.
wd gann courses

My aim is the simple one, to offer a very simple to Master, more straightforward to use, a Powerful technique for applying all markets. This course has proven results of more than 85% of accuracy especially when it comes to detecting the shifts in the trends. There is a quote saying ‘Simplicity is Sophistication’ and that is what exactly I follow in my courses.

wd gann courses

The secret of successful trading is consistent efforts with a simple understanding of the trends of the market, and that is what you can learn in my WD Gann Courses.

This course is all about understanding the market trend from the core and also accepting the fact. There is no fixed rule for success somewhat continuous evolution through knowledge; that's all is required for making it big in this light yet highly exciting trading field.

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Kinship Trading Principle

A Profound Mathematical Truth for Real Market Traders

wd gann courses

Kinship Trading Principle is a Mathematical approach in trading & investing, for Locating 'Price & Time' changes on all time frames.

For discovering the greatest market truths, lots of effort have put into it. These truths stand tall in the test of time as well and many years have given for finding these greatest market truths.

For trading like a Master, one needs to learn the techniques with which the risk can lower, and the profits can be optimized.

To trade well in the market and to stand out of the crowd, you need to know the underlying Principles of the markets, and with this course, you will learn one of those Exceptional Principle which is hidden within the Price & Time structure.
wd gann courses
wd gann courses

‘Kinship Trading Principle’ method can add so much to your knowledge about market trend and trading that none of your competitors can think the way you will do.

This course will help you in knowing the unity of Price & Time relationship, so well that you will be able to trade & predict the market moves better than any software-based trading platform.

 When we know the cause, we can predict the effect, which was the core Principle of WD Gann for successful trading.
wd gann courses

The market is like one Big game with many rules, and some of them seem unfair. The real rules are harsh, but it's worthy enough for your understanding. The provisions of this real world are easier to understand and implement as well.

To achieve success in life, you need to follow the rules which are realistic not those which seems only fair.

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