William Delbert Gann is known for his accuracy at predicting the market movement with known as "WD Gann Angles". A work born out of several combinations of methods and secret, Notably among Gann's armory for predicting the top and bottom of the market movement is the Gann's angle.

WD Gann angles which depicts the Geometric relation between Time and Price has contributed immensely to the trading. The angles representing lines that run into space depict the interrelationship between price and time.

wd gann angles

45° or angle of Gann is the most critical angle, representing the unity unison in price and time. Prices as per the angle of Gann is said to increase by one unit per day.

There is a corresponding increase when there is an upward shift in value such as 2×1, 3x1, 4x1, 8x1 and 16x1 as well as a downward movement corresponding to a decrease in value.

Gann angles play a vital role in forecasting the fall and rise of prices in the markets. WD Gann angles used for evaluating the markets movements.

The application of Gann's angle is made simple by knowing the know-how of the interpretations of the mystery crafted by William Delbert Gann in his angles.

The application requires a sound knowledge of Time concept needed to decipher waiting time, the need to understand the secret behind the market top and bottom about the stock market trend. The relative strength or weakness of the market is a subject to its upward or downward projection along Gann's angle.

At an upward shift, the market is considered to be strong and represented by the price staying aloft in space beyond the ascending angle without a breakage while a weak demand is represented by a downward shift with the price below the descending angle without breaking it.

With a lot said about the interpretation of Gann's angle, so many experts have tried giving different answers on what the esoteric work which seems like a mystery could mean.

The knowledge of the interpretation seems to genuinely hide with many having a shallow understanding of the work or trying to look at it from the outside perspective without digging deep.

The secret to the interpretation of Gann's angle lies deep. A wrong knowledge of the basics of Gann's angle cannot produce the expected result.