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“TIME is the most important factor in determining market movements and by studying the past records of the averages or individual stocks you will be able to prove for yourself that history does repeat and that by knowing the past you can tell the future”.– WD Gann

Time is always, and it will be the most significant aspect of predicting market actions. The one who can Study the past data and records of the market can understand how history repeats itself. Then the future can be predicted with the help of the past itself.

The lines mentioned above have one thing in common, and that is TIME. 

It is the most Crucial factor even in the study of financial markets to predict the future by using the records.

Most of the Gann researchers and traders have conventional thinking and stand on time. 

They only use Time to try to find a particular Date or Bar on the charts so that they can meet a Top or Bottom of the market.

Through my Two decades of research, I have acquired Knowledge that Time is the primary factor. 

But not for finding a particular Date or Bar on the charts but also for knowing the forthcoming market move. 

It’s is a GOLD which is not recognized by many so-called trading experts.

Gann has already given us a Clue in the above quote on Time that how one can use Time to predict & follow the market actions.  

But, for understanding that precious Knowledge, one needs a deep dive into the Gann’s books.

Reality Which Is Bitter, But It's True

After years of hard work & research, I discover the harmonious relation of Price move with time

The same thing Gann is conveying in the above quote, but in vivid language. But many researchers misinterpreted the Gann words & they created a wrong viewpoint. That Time is all about locating dates or bars. 

For understanding the Gann’s actual work & research one needs to do hard work. 

It has a lot of intensity and Knowledge which is far more than only the Price-Time Squaring rules.

WD Gann had other insights along with the Date factor when he referred to Time of the market movements, which completes the entire understanding of his quote. 

That is the mistake done by most of the other researchers who only take the half-truth in the total finding.

Now it's your Chance to Learn all those Knowledge

In my courses, you will learn about in-depth correlation Time with Price. 

It will help you in finding & knowing the extraordinary turning points of the market, which is ten times better than half baked Knowledge.

Dow Jones Index 1929 Crash Chart
Click on Chart to Enlarge

The below Dow Jones Industrial Index Chart of 1929, indicates the importance of Time. By picking up the Location where Trend shifts & market gets crashed. 

To understand what Gann wanted to portray through his work on Time and his statement, you need to dig deeper.