The NIFTY Index ‘Time Confluence’ Zone

The Nifty Index failed to gave EOD close above 11341 level, and as the result of that market witnessed the drop till 11100 levels. Now ahead, multiple ‘CYCLES’ are completing their point in starting and ending of the week.

There is ONE boarder term cycle which will complete its point within this week.; near to that market had made bottoms. The most potent period because of its origin point.

The same is expected this time, also; however, remember nothing is 100% sure. I will keep a close watch on this week ‘CYCLES’ activity to see what further fruitful we can extract from it.

Apart from it if we see Friday fall has adjusted the Prices near the short-term Risk-line; the range 11110-11090 will act as critical support for short-to-medium prospects.

On the upper side, the range is still narrow, and sustainability above 11341 is required for further rise. Have a profitable trading week ahead.- Divesh