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...Successful trading Strategies are Rare

The last trading week offered great trading possibilities in both the Indexes. There were the simplistic opportunities for earning 300 + points profit, and that too in 4 trading sessions.

Road to success in the trading goes through failures. Making regular profits is not the simple job. We need Successful Trading strategies for making profits.

From my almost Two decades of research and trading experience, I’ve learned,  if we can measure & follow the market plans.

Then we can take the proper Action, into the direction, as trading with the trend is always beneficial.

The ‘Kinship’ trading principle is one of the excellent trading techniques. It is based on one of the natural Laws of the universe.

By measuring the Price & Time structure of the market, it helps us to know the market trend and give Optimal entry/exit points.

Now let's see on the charts, where precisely the opportunities were there...

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The first trading opportunity of the week took place on Monday, as the Price moves above the Green Oval.

It was Crystal clear Signal for higher prices are on the way.

This turn gave us around 120 Points profit move per lot, which is equal to 120*75 = INR 9000 per lot.

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The second big opportunity was there on Tuesday, as the Price beaks below the RED Oval.

It was a clear hint for the upcoming downside.

Well, this turn continues to generate profits until the end of the week. It gave around 225 points benefit, which is equal to 225*75 = INR 16,875 per lot.

There is one more insight into both the opportunities which you might have missed. That is, we got only Two specific Trading signals in the week, not like other trading tools as they generate quite lot numbers of signals in a week

In short, our Kinship trading method also saved our lot of time & we put all the focus on two trading signals. You can too grab such trading opportunities by Learning ‘Kinship’ trading principle.

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