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Signs of Changes in Trend

Is it possible to read the market’s signs before reversing the trend (by just seeing the naked price charts)? And how would you know whether a breakout will work or not? And how to decide the perfect stop-loss after taking the trade (and how to trail it)? Find out—Signs of Changes in Trend Technique.

RangeBound Trends Method

Most traders lose capital or previously made profits in the sideways market trend. So Wouldn’t it be great to have a perfect system that pinpoints the price level after which the sideways trend will end? Find out—the Rangebound Trend Method.

The Power of Scale in Trading

You already know that indicators don’t work well. So, what works? Price Action? Yes, the Price action works, but only when we know how to use and benefit from the markets’ past actions in a unique way. Find out—the Power of Scale in Trading.


A method that shows you to enter your trade at the beginning of trend change and exit at places where the price has the potential to reverse its trend from thereon. The SQUARES are one of the core concepts of Gann’s work. And WD Gann used SQUARES in many ways & you’ll learn one such mysterious facet of squares.  Find out— Trend Square Method

Kinship Trading Principle

A system that helps you to “go with the flow” of the market (by eliminating the need for “constant thinking”). A purely scientific and mathematical approach to trading where you’ll draw the price levels on the chart as price movement is happening. Find out— The kinship Trading Principle

Hook Timing Method

A system built on the foundation of the market “price and time” structure. That offers trades that move in your favor as soon as you enter (most of the time) and informs you what trend you can expect for a particular period. Find out— Hook Timing Method