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Master Course

Several researchers have committed their time towards discovering this huge mystery which stands tall for ages. William Delbert Gann’s work has stood the test of time and been very helpful to ensure that tremendous success  in the world of trade, investment and even the forex market in his era and even now.

I have spent a lot of time, energy and resource at discovering this earthling secrets. I am lucky to find this truth after putting in a lot of time and resources.One would have thought that the secrets to W.D Gann’s secret have gone six feet beneath the ground with him, but you are about to unravel most of them in this course as you study it, by holding the hand from starting till the end.

Understanding Things is better than Learning Things…

Appropriate knowledge of Specific Natural Principles, that’s Discovered by Mr. Gann, is necessary to deal with present market charts and scenarios.There were/are so many Researchers who tried their best to understand, Mr. Gann’s work/concepts and techniques, but most of them misunderstood the things completely. None of them succeeded and failed to yield the benefits that WD Gann uses to generate with his self-discovered principles and techniques.I wondered what the main reason behind this misunderstanding is and what was Mr. Gann’s Principle and Techniques. My efforts towards this Research helped me to explore the fundamental WD Gann principle and techniques.I found that the principles and techniques of WD Gann were designed to predict the market factors, including time and price, to rule the trading market.Well, I will not say that my success story is exciting and unique, but it will give you the right clue to make the right approach towards exploring WD Gann’s methods and techniques.A perfect and straightforward answer is “Effort” “Work” and “Dedication.” I have spent years on research, so many technical and real-world experiments on the present price charts has been done, to come up with satisfactory results and discovered the untold secrets of Gann’s principles and techniques.

 Part # I

  • WD Gann’s Angle: Accurate u0026amp; Innovative Application of angles
  • Market Trend Detector: The Secret Edge of Trend
  • Introduction to Pivotal Timing Method
  • Nature of Numbers u0026amp; Natural Movement of  Factor
  • Introductory Points on Harmonic of Price u0026amp; Time Relationship

 Part # II

  • Pivotal Timing Method – Part I: Secret Weapon for Predicting Turns
  • Financial Market Energy Method: A Guide towards Natural Support / Resistance of markets
  • Harmonic Price u0026amp; Time Points – I:Unique Relationship of Number’s 

 Part # III

  • Pivotal Timing Method – Part II: Advance Application for Time u0026amp; Price
  • Point to Point Trading Method: Balancing of Price Time Space
  • Harmonic Price u0026amp; Time Points – II: Hidden Wisdom from Gann’s Literature

 Part # IV

  • Pivotal Timing Method – Part III  
  • True Market Rhythm: Forecasting Price u0026amp; Time Turns in Advance
  • Harmonic Price u0026amp; Time Points – III:The clue from Gann’s Forecasting Material 

 Part # V

  • Kinship Trading Method
  • WD Gann’s 1909 Wheat Chart Trading Secret
  • WD Gann’s Harmonic Price u0026amp; Time Points – IV

 Part # VI

  • Hidden Order of the Markets: Gann Method about Forecasting
  • Symmetrical Relationship of Price Time u0026amp; Space
  • PI Relationship with Financial Markets: Time u0026amp; Price Application

 Part # VII

  • Law of Growth u0026amp; Decay: Practical Time u0026amp; Price Application 
  • Astrological Cycles of Time u0026amp; Price
  • WD Gann’s Master Time Factor u0026amp; Long Term Cycles
  • Hidden Wisdom from the charts of WD Gann