Expectation Versus Reality-Trading Truth

Stock Market Trading Truth…

Novice traders often have thought that other people make money investing in the stock market, I’m sure I can make money too.

Reality: Investing or trading in the stock markets is not for everyone. While other people can and are making money, it is not a guarantee that you are also going to make money. The stock market is the volatile and high-risk type of investment.

Expectation: They always keep expectation that the market will go up only

Reality: stock market is one of the most volatile investments out there. There are many factors that affect the stock market performance.

Expectation: I am a long-term investor and I will invest in XYZ years to come

Reality: If you are sure, then why you get fed up or get annoyed when the market is down or your trades are in loss

Expectation: Stock market will make me rich in just a very short span of time.

Reality: Trading in the stock market comes with high risks. It is very volatile. Expecting to make money in a very short span of time is just a fantasy.


Let’s have a look at how Expectation & Reality looks on the chart


Two weeks before I posted analysis on Stock Hindalco, Where we posted market has made short-term Top & now prices can move down but

Expectation: That Hindalco has made Top, What if Price cross that expected projected top price? The answer is simple will move on to Reality because we will follow the Trend which market has made

Reality: Prices will move down only after breaching certain Pivot point or level which is the Truth because Trend will get changed below that Pivot point & we simply followed the trend, which is the best strategy for every trader or investor in the long run


Bottom Line

One should make Expectation only after having proper Trade Plan & one should always follow the Reality ( Trading Pan)  also with strict rules, which is the most important thing for every market participant from long-run prospective

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