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The havoc of 31st August pushed many of our minds towards the bear’s end. But still, this Market has enough energy to surprise us.

Let’s not be biased as a trader; we aim to make money. At the end of the day, how much we made, or how less we lose means the most.

Let’s start & see where The cycle of lows in Nifty had come before this year and how Index performed over there. I will also discuss when that same cycle is coming next.

First, it came near 24th March Bottom; the cycle date was not exact; it was off just 2-3 days. From there, we already Nifty has risen over 50% to this date.

The second time this same cycle came near 18th May 8806 low, and the same this time also date was not exact; it was off just by 2-3 days. From there, Nifty bulls gather tremendous energy as after that low, the rise/growth was fast.

Now the third time cycle is coming next week, the same we can expect that Nifty can make a low off by 2-3 days and again, the rise will be there, and all bearishness will get fade.

Apart from that cycle, there is one minor cycle that moves hand-to-hand with this same Low cycle. And that minor cycle is also of LOWS only.

So, the Probability is high, but remember all these are just Probability, not 100% confirmation. To take advantage of such cycles, we have to work on the Price mechanism that I update as or when I saw a critical price level is coming.

I’ve set the groundwork for you. Watch the Market’s action next week to make the right decision. Have a great weekend ahead. - Divesh

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