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Nifty Weekly View 14-18 Jan

As posted in the last analysis: 10753 will act as resistance above which move towards 10825/10900/11010 can be seen & 10645 will act support below which move towards 10550/10400 can be seen.

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Last week, Nifty opened above our resistance of 10753 but gave good buying opportunity again on Tuesday and then from there it made the high of 10870.

In the coming week, we are proceeding towards the next important cycle, critical dates for the next week are 15th & 18th Jan.

Now next week, 10750 will act as a vital support level, below which move towards 10670 / 10550 levels can be seen & 10900 will be significant resistance level above which move towards 10955 / 11035 / 11150 levels can be seen.

Note: Above mention price projection & other Information are for educational purpose only.