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Nifty Trading Strategy for upcoming week

Nifty Trading Strategy As we mentioned in previous week analysis 15th & 17th Nov dates will be our two cyclic dates, Nifty does low on 15th Nov and moved 250 points up


Nifty can show significant move in upcoming week


20th & 23rd Nov will be the Important cyclic dates for forthcoming week, however traders trade on levels hence 10322 will be the key resistance for bulls & for bears 10268 will be the critical key level for driving prices once again on lower side, Please not the above mention view will be valid for only next 2 trading sessions


Nifty Intraday Key Price Levels…


On hourly chart also Nifty gave good trading opportunity last week, 10335 & 10419 will be our resistance and 10250 & 10168 will be our support, Please note this Intraday view will be valid for next two trading sessions

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