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Nifty Hourly Chart: ‘Super Market Angle’ Part-II

Dear Friends,

In our last post, we discussed how Nifty on the hourly chart was getting weak against our 'Super Market Angles' & today it finally break that angle on hourly charts & moved up nearly 150 points.

Nifty Hourly Chart Angles

What are these ‘Super Market Angles’? Well, these are the simple angles which don’t require any geometry tool, as we know WD Gann said “..the general public is not ready…” for his extraordinary knowledge (methods & techniques).

Well, each 'Method' 'Technique' or 'Course' which are offered here on this site, is the answer of above WD Gann words, as I believe few are now ready, but only those, who really deserve that 'Rare' & 'Valuable' knowledge.

Let’s get back to our Nifty, now moving forward 10290-10310 will be the resistance on the hourly chart, if bulls managed to trade above that successfully than 10385 / 10475 will be the next watch out levels, but I believe it will take lot of energy for bulls to do that.- Divesh

Note: Above mention Price projection & other Information are for educational purpose only.