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Nifty Weekly Trading Overview


As posted in last Week Analysis – Now for rest on-going week 10625 will be the Key Resistance for Bulls & 10445 will be the Critical Key Support level below which 10340 / 10230 / 10120 can be seen on a short-term basis

Our specially derived Natural numbers again well-respected by the market as Nifty in the whole week made high of 10618 and weekly low was made 10434

For next week 10625 will be the Key Resistance for Bulls as you can see on the above chart 10619 is also Resistance of weekly Gann Angles, additionally our Special Natura number Trading method, Financial Market Energy Trading Method weekly resistance is coming at 10592 So, in my view Nifty Bulls need Weekly close above 10592 – 10625 range for moving towards 10880 / 10950

On the other hand, if we talk about our supports then 10320 will act as the strong level below which we can see the move towards 10230 / 10120 / 9980


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