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Nifty Bank Nifty Weekly Options Trade Entries

See… What Other’s Can’t

The perfect day for trading in options; can’t be better than today.

95% traders cannot see what market charts want to reveal them. To understand what others can’t; we need to use trading tools what other can’t imagine off.

Bank Nifty 19000 CE 14 May Expiry

Bank Nifty 19000 CE 14 May Contract; gave three trades Sell-Buy-Sell all trades result in 425 point profit per lot.

Nifty 9100 CE 14 May Expiry

Nifty 9100 CE 14 May Contract; gave similar three trades Sell-Buy-Sell all three results in 140 points profit per lot.

That’s the quality of Gann’s ‘Trend Square’ technique & of many of my other trading techniques.

Remember, no one will come to take the responsibility of your profits. It’s you who have to take the action & responsibility of your profits. Now you have to decide how & with what skills you want to trade.

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