The Gann Trade Secrets Course Vol-2

Due to a busy schedule, I’m putting this information a bit late on the website. 

In December 2021, I published the Vol-2 book of my Gann Trade Secrets course. Therefore, if you wish, you can purchase both Vol-1 & 2 books of the course simultaneously. 

Gann Trade Secrets Vol-2

Below is a brief description of the topics you’ll learn in the Vol-2 book.

First, you’ll learn the core meaning of the circle. Most Gann students don’t take the concept of a circle seriously. That’s a big mistake. I will show and teach the deeper meaning of the circle. That will unlock the gates to identify the market’s bigger and smaller timing points precisely.

Next, you’ll learn the Inception trading method. It’s a concept based on an esoteric principle that Gann used in his trades, and he gave a clue on it in his books & courses. But unfortunately, most Gann researchers ignored it. But I went behind it and re-discovered that precious knowledge. 

Below are a few recent examples of Inception trading methods (Click on the chart to enlarge).

Then, you’ll learn a Time Cycle method calculation to identify the turning year. The math behind that cycle is simple that even a 10-year-old kid can understand it.

Next, you’ll learn a Price projection technique based on the Gann numbers. Again, that technique works quite accurately, even on the Intraday charts

Lastly, you’ll learn the Power of Scales trading technique, which will help you identify the price turning points. It’s a standalone trading technique that works for day trading as well. 

Below are a few recent chart examples of the Power of Scales trading technique (Click on the chart to enlarge)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it compulsory to purchase the Vol-1 book of the course before buying Vol-2?

Yes, it’s compulsory. Without understanding the Vol-1 principles and methods, you won’t understand the Vol-2 methods. 

Do the Vol-2 methods work for Intraday trading?

Yes, Vol-2 methods work pretty well for intraday trading. 

When will the next Vol-3 of the courses get released?

The Vol-3 will get released on or before 31 March 2022. 

How much does it cost??

For fees, please send an email at [email protected] 

Do I get any support?

Yes, you’ll get full one-year support.

How do I get the Gann Trade Secrets Vol-2 right away?

If you’ve not purchased the Vol-1, then you’ve to buy that first. If you wish, you can purchase both Vol-1 & 2 together at the same time. Please send an email to [email protected], and I will send you the price details. 

About the author

Divesh Jotwani is a Full-time trader in the Indian stock market. He has spent over 20+ years researching and discovering WD Gann's methods and applying them day in and out markets.