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Nifty Analysis for 27 Aug

In the last Nifty Analysis, we discussed. Till Nifty is trading below 10890 bears are having the upper hand. On the lower side, we can see the 10670/10610/10490 levels.

After our last post on Friday Nifty opened gap-down and hit the low around 10637. It almost did our 2nd target on the downside.

Yesterday Nifty opened on a positive note and made the high around 11070 levels.

In the last two trading sessions, Nifty bulls have shown solid bounce from the lower levels.

The most significant hurdle for Bulls on the upside will come around 11170-11185 range.On closing above this range, we can see short to a medium-term trend change in Index.

Nifty Analysis for Intraday Trading Levels

Resistance for today in Intraday is at 11100 above the move towards 11130/11175/11260 can seen.

While Support for today is likely to come at, 11010 below that move towards 10980/10935/10850 can be seen.

Note: Above mention Price projection & other Information are for educational purpose only.