WD Gann’s $50 Million Trading Estate

WD Gann's 50 Million Trading Estate

WD Gann's 50 Million Trading Estate In the 20th century, when the financial markets are not as popular as today, and neither people were aware as in present times, William Delbert Gann discovered various secrets of the market.

He is thus regarded, without an inch of doubt as for the most eminent trader of all times who made a whopping $50 million in that era.

The amount worth $500 million at present, which hardly any trader can think of making out of the markets. But the saddest part is the theories of WD Gann had vanished from the market with him in the year 1955 when he passed away. 

Hardly few still remember his work and know his findings which were mysterious and accurate at the same time. Few are still working on finding the great researched and predictions done by this man in his lifetime, but it is like seeing a water bubble in a sea.

He has such vast experience and theories and works that for someone in today’s time without much knowledge of his work, is difficult to recognise his work.

His books are excellent sources of information and give an insight into his trading theories and concepts. But those books cannot cover the whole of WD Gann as his trading career still dates one of the most spectacular ones.

His complete work has even dated a mystery as many things are missing out which are yet to found.

He as found by many never taught or shared his secrets with anyone and thus one can only found the secrets behind his trading practices just by following work and the small clues or hints left behind by him in the form of theories, writings, books and research papers.

His mantra for trading was his hard work and the secrets he discovered for trading. The market model prepared by WD Gann can only understood by putting your soul and brain into the core of the Gann’s work and theories.

WD Gann's 50 Million Trading Estate

Rediscovering the lost treasure left by WD Gann...

Mr Divesh is promptly one of the most respectful disciples of WD Gann, who has spent more than a decade time of his life in rediscovering the work done by Gann. He has dedicated his time in finding the bits and pieces of work of Gann and then combined them for better understanding and complete knowledge.

Gann’s tools and techniques were unique, and it is a great pleasure to see Mr Divesh rediscover most of those ancient knowledge of trading in Gann’s work by dedicated efforts over a long span of time.

Mr Divesh through his essential research skills has found out the primary reasons and tools used by Gann which fetched him the tremendous results. The road to this knowledge was immensely tough but Mr Divesh by reading the charts which are not even from this generation.

Books which were in 1900’s beginning and also the astrological charts as WD Gann used astrology in his trading techniques, notes which were found as scribbled writing, astrological ephemeris by Gann and many other personal papers by eminent researchers, etc. found out what made Gann such a big name in the trading dynasty.

The beauty and relevance of Gann’s concepts are incredible. They don’t require today’s technology and not even the computer to predict the markets.

They are sturdy and accurate to the core and can be implemented on any chart of the financial markets. You can choose any market time frame and apply these concepts.

WD Gann's 50 Million Trading Estate

If you want to learn them, you need to be prudent about the market and have the curiosity to dig deeper as they are easy to learn and implemented but required dedication.

Gann’s work is extremely relevant to today’s market, and thus one can use these concepts to fetch success in the market. Gann acquired all this concept and secret knowledge from nature and worldview itself.

There is no complicated stuff which is there in these findings. His theories are simple & easy, but the accuracy score is on the top most level.

The world most of the time failed to recognise the simplicity of his findings, and thus many criticise Gann’s work. His concepts and theories are not only easy to learn and understand with a basic understanding of the market, but they are easy to use in the market to reap profit as well.

Applicability in Any Time Frame...

WD Gann used to trade in different markets, be it in stocks or commodities and thus his concepts were used in every market across different time frame.

He used to do this successfully as his theories were from the laws of nature which can be applied to any markets which can be charted out.

On top of that his concepts are applicable in any time frame whether it is Day trading, weekly or yearly or Monthly, whether short term or long term, his theories can be applied in every kind of charts which can be of any time.

Though there are new kinds of trading in today’s world, but still his concept holds utter relevance now as well. Since all the theories formulated by ancient mathematics and geometry, which methods never change, thus Gann’s trading concepts become relevant in today’s trading scenario as well. 

If one is indeed a follower of WD Gann, then he or she will discover his secret with dedicated efforts and in the long run. They need to be aware of the clues and methods used by Gann in trading and must regard them as priceless theories which are rare secrets.

Mr Divesh has a lot to share with you all who are also interested, in testing the market waters with Gann’s concepts and theories. All these concepts were used by Gann himself many decades ago, but these concepts still have that relevance to performing well in today’s market. 

They are to the point, accurate and just work better than many other technology-based trading ideas. WD Gann used all these techniques to trade throughout his lifetime, and this should give you an insight into how much importance these concepts hold and their relevance over time.