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Crude Oil Hourly Chart Projection

The present trend on Crude oil hourly chart is up, in this uptrend also one of our greatest trading tool has offered two great selling/pullback area’s.Currently, crude oil still showing pullback from the second marked area, in case of the further rise in price, I’ve marked the next selling/pullback area, where we can again see some […]

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Mcx Lead Weakness…

  Early Sign of Changing Trend…   The Mcx Lead chart is shown above with today’s move in price signalling a change in trend on closing prices below 164.90   Precisely what is shown here are examples of applied market analysis that you can easily Master once you have learned the techniques and methods. A few techniques […]

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Mcx Aluminium & Lead Price Swing…

Not All Price Move Indicates The Same Thing…     It’s been quite long time I have posted my analysis on commodities, In 2017 we have seen almost all Base metals hitting multi-year high (except Nickel) I have noted some early strength indications and movements in a few of the base metals Lead & Aluminium […]

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Silver Market Further Update & Crude Oil Price Breakout…

Natural Support / Resistance – FME Method Price Points  As in our last Silver Market post as we said Prices are near critical price point, so Bulls should make attention   Previous Silver Chart…     New updated chart with Further Price Points…   As we see clear in above chart, how nicely Market obeys […]

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Natural Gas on Monthly Base Line

Faraday said “There is nothing in the universe but mathematical points of force” So the financial markets follows certain mathematical points of forces, such forces causes the market to move up or down   Mcx Natural Gas is trading near monthly important Pivot Point, on monthly close below 183 prices are expected to move towards the […]

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