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Understanding hidden Price & Time Structure…


Don’t Fight the Trend . . . Follow It…


Recent Nifty move teaches us this lesson again, but the question is How & Where to understand & at which point we will be with the trend.


Karnataka Election 10930 Swing top

It was most natural to figure out, Importance of logic always increases, when we try to locate shifts in trend. The problem with most of the retail traders is that their philosophy to figure out the change in the direction of the market is missing from start to end point in time.

Let’s move ahead for investigating other swings.




A turnaround from the weekly support point

Here again, our logic of detecting the shift in trend predicted excellent point & we ride in the right direction. Our philosophy should be with the rhythm of price structure to get success.






10893 lower top…

Philosophy of shifts in trends is always connected with our time movements also not only with price momentum.

A myth created by most Gann practitioners, that time or time analysis is only for predicting date/time or specific bar.






Daily chart triple bottom low…

Our logic for the shift in trend should match the conditions as per the laws of nature.

To understand these Natural principles one has to go deep in the roots of the markets.

The best use of these principles is hidden in the price & time structure. For which one needs to have worked hard for many years with excellent amount patience.



PS: Very soon I’m going to start our new course, A Great technique which I re-discovered from Gann charts around a half-decade ago.

It will open the doors to a new perspective towards market price swings & in the end, will see a magnificent structure of this nature. In the above post, I’ve used that technique only.

Only five students will be allowed to learn this Great hidden market truth of Gann, A very best secret approach.

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Knowledge & Wisdom – For Real Market Traders…

It’s for those who actually need it, understand its power and importance, Knowledge & Wisdom is the main motive

It’s all about education; you can’t predict its price value or how it will open doors of massive,positive,wealth accumulating opportunity for you can. My main motive with these courses is to reveal all the underlying facts and secrets to you.

It’s decade of research and study that helped me to come up with the formulas and techniques that I’m going to teach you through the Master & in other courses.

You must know that Slow and Steady Wins the Race”, Also, an appropriate approach is independent of time that you have invested, are investing or will invest.

In other words, the time you were introduced to these words and these were only words to you, I was busy with my research and study to discover and explore these principles and techniques.

To be frank, your motive of learning should not be dependent on the monetary value that you invest on this course or that you can make with it after the course. You will have to keep patience as patience is the only key to succeed in trading

Learning can be made more convenient and easily if it’s stepwise process basedOffering all the knowledge at once can lead to confusion and it will not allow you learn the things appropriately. Exactly like nature, the laws are discovered and introduced with time, not every law was introduced at once.

I proceeded with the natural laws and principles throughout my decade of research, study and trading experience. I have designed the Master course similarly on a stepwise learning process where you will keep moving to the next level of information and knowledge with time without having any confusion or doubt.

It’s Known To Be The Most Successful Approach And Will Remain In Future As WellThe kind of financial market we have today and the kind of Ups and Downs we face, there is a need of Practical techniques that can offer high protection to those individuals that are having responsibilities to protect their portfolios, retirement, and other funds.

Thus, the question arises here is “How To Achieve These Financial goals Efficiently?” and “what to choose that can help you to get there rapidly and securely?”

Are You Still Dependent on Computer Based Software?Well, you may find the software-based applications worthy,but the reality is their accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness are not all reliable.

The kind of rapidly changing financial market we have today, its high time to say NO to this computer-based software trading.

If you want to do well in this competitive financial market, you must say no to these software-based approaches.

It’s the time you need move forward with “Class” where Quality is the most important factor.

It’s the right time take wise decisions if you want to learn never-ending and efficient trading techniques here with us.


Nifty & Bank Nifty Intraday Trading Signals



Keeping it Simple & Easy…

The Market by itself can display you simply if it has ‘changed it’s mind’ about Trend

Recent price move in Nifty & Bank Nifty was easily captured by using our special Trading tool in this case it is Financial Market Energy



When you have accessibility to the decoding Important factors just like shown in our Financial Market Energy trading course then simply you will discover profit opportunities like shown recently in the Nifty & Bank Nifty Index  and highlighted over the above price chart.

If you have been strolling in the Market Wilderness for several years for trying to find several authentic and serious trading understanding & perception then simply you have reached the end of that exact spectrum and that is the actual trading tools and techniques you were looking for.


More Information related to Financial Market Energy trading method – Click here



Nifty Trading Strategy for upcoming week

Nifty Trading Strategy As we mentioned in previous week analysis 15th & 17th Nov dates will be our two cyclic dates, Nifty does low on 15th Nov and moved 250 points up


Nifty can show significant move in upcoming week


20th & 23rd Nov will be the Important cyclic dates for forthcoming week, however traders trade on levels hence 10322 will be the key resistance for bulls & for bears 10268 will be the critical key level for driving prices once again on lower side, Please not the above mention view will be valid for only next 2 trading sessions


Nifty Intraday Key Price Levels…


On hourly chart also Nifty gave good trading opportunity last week, 10335 & 10419 will be our resistance and 10250 & 10168 will be our support, Please note this Intraday view will be valid for next two trading sessions

If you wish to have a little more insight, please sign up & become a member, Sign up form is available at bottom of page

It’s FREE to join with no obligations or spam solicitations. That’s not the mission here !


NOTE: These projections & views are not given in an advisory manner but only as an educational tool.

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The Greatest Opportunity in Trading

Trading is actually process of taking a position simply because you feel the possibilities in your corner and that it will come in your favor and you’ll probably generate profits.

It is exactly what the stock market is focused on whether you are a value investor, swing trader, or a momentum trader. The key reason why trading works is that all traders view  charts in different ways, a swing traders resistance is a momentum traders buy indication for a break out. A value investor’s buy point is a trend followers short sale target.

The market rises or falls traders are alongside} for the ride

What is the greatest opportunity in trading? I feel greatest opportunity is that markets will certainly trend. Trend followers made profit the oil run of 2008.

Most of the world’s best funds managers are trend followers, they generate constant earnings and raise capital over in the long run. While their particular techniques differ they’ve key characteristics:


  • They trade several markets based upon price.
  • They have techniques to identify a market’s present over-all} trend.
  • Risk is very carefully managed on every trade position.
  • They trade defined techniques and reside faraway from forecasts & suggestions.
  • Profitable positions are allowed to run till they reverse.

Oftentimes We’ve seemed like master simply by following a trend that almost all believed was way over completed however it  ran another 15%, at sometimes I went to cash during risky times and simply sidestepped a wild market which} cost people big money.

For me personally the greatest opportunity is that the market will have trends and i’ll be positioned to make money from them when they arise wherever they might be.


How much strong is this cement…

Ambuja Cement Ltd has given breakout above 273 for the projected target of 285 / 293, which will most probably turn out to be short term top also

Always remember – We are Followers of the Markets & will let them dictate the price trends, our specialty should be to detect these types of critical turning points & take the advantage of the markets momentum to carry us to profitability – Divesh

Natural Gas on Monthly Base Line

Faraday said “There is nothing in the universe but mathematical points of force” So the financial markets follows certain mathematical points of forces, such forces causes the market to move up or down


Mcx Natural Gas is trading near monthly important Pivot Point, on monthly close below 183 prices are expected to move towards the 175 / 170 / 160, Overall we can expect sell on rise in Natural Gas market if prices close below the monthly base line

Those who own the Point to Point Technique are well aware by this downfall in Natural Gas from 220 top, Well that main difference between the odd traders & winners,These are the universal laws (rules) which are not made by me or you as every particular market or instrument has its own set of universal laws which are made by the nature itself

Make Yourself Ready!Learn the secrets & skills then apply them to the most profitable of markets.Take Action.



Can Bulls Lead the market this time ? ?

Recent rally in Base metal pack are sign of further upside coming in due course of time, Where odds are just busy in scratching there head for knowing further market movement we are already ready to catch the next movement of market

         Above 150.15 on (Closing Basis) Mcx Lead is expected to move towards projected price of 155 / 158


Above 126 on (Closing Basis) Mcx Aluminium is expected to move towards 129 / 132 (New Lifetime High)

Time is also up for both above Base Metal,so good move is expected in coming days, Its not only about support or Resistance of the market, its all about what comes after what about which Mr.Gann never clearly described


Make Yourself Ready!Learn the secrets & skills then apply them to the most profitable of markets.Take Action.




Valuable Market Secrets

Its been almost a decade now analyzing the markets, after spending this much of time with markets & during my training session i experienced many traders often fails to know the exact trend in market & as a result of that they often make loss even sometime huge loss & as result of that they quit trading, But that not the solution markets are same as they were before at the time of legendary traders like WD Gann & E.Harriman


“Many of our Dynamic trading tools gives you the edge in market than the other odd traders, is that the solution? Its  the review which i m sharing with you told to me by many of our students”


As identification of trend in particular market is primary action for all traders for deciding the further action during trading ours, Our trading tools gives you the proper action plan in all markets & that to in amazing way where odd traders use mechanical or squaring way to analyze the markets we use the market natural language to figure out the future action


Recent fall in many Nse Stocks are properly captured by many of trading tools, odds always enter where market is about to change its direction


Fall of more than 12% in short span of time our trading tools help you to know the critical turning points of market


Many such examples are there where other traders forecast prices to move up but our trading methods signal for selling in market & as a result market did same…..