Master Course

Gann Price-Time Trading Secrets Master Course will help you to explore Price-Time & Inner Circle of WD Gann’s Mysterious world which is mostly unknown till this time to many of the other Researchers, I believe you will find many of the missing clues which you are searching in the charts & books of Mr.Gann’s

I will teach you the Laws & Principle which governs the market rules which market obeys, A work which has taken 9 years time period (Almost a Decade time) by working Day-Night & spending thousands of Hours


Understanding Things is better than Learning Things…


WD Gann techniques are the Efficient and Effective way to Analyze any Price charts, whether it’s about earlier charts or the new age charts. He developed techniques that ruled the market that time and even now known for its excellence.

Appropriate knowledge of Specific Natural Principles, that’s Discovered by Mr. Gann, is necessary to deal with present market charts and scenarios.

There were/are so many Researchers who tried their best to understand Mr. Gann’s work/concepts and techniques, but most of them misunderstood the things completely. None of them succeeded and failed to yield the benefits that WD Gann uses to yield with his self-discovered principles and techniques.

I wondered what the main reason behind this misunderstanding is and what actually was Mr. Gann’s Principle and Techniques. My efforts towards this Research helped me to explore the accurate WD Gann principle and techniques.

I found that the principles and techniques of WD Gann were designed to predict the market factors, including time and price, to rule the trading market.

There are so many other individuals who supported me throughout this research and appreciated my efforts towards exploring the principles and techniques of WD Gann.

Well, I will not say that my success story is very interesting and unique, but it will give you the right clue to make a right approach towards exploring WD Gann’s methods and techniques.

Through my story, you may find it really easy to solve the Puzzle that why and how I explored the mysterious principles and techniques of WD Gann, whereas others failed.

A simple and perfect answer is “Effort”, ” work” and “dedication”. I have spent months and years on research, so many technical and real-world experiments on the present price charts to come up with the satisfactory results and discovered the untold secrets of WD Gann principles and techniques.


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Brief outlook of what you will learn in the Part #1 of Gann Price-Time Trading Secrets Course


Part #1

Systematic & Accurate Application of WD Gann’s Angle

Buy Low / Sell High: A Guide towards Natural Support / Resistance of markets

Point to Point Trading Method: Balancing of Price Time Space

Introductory Points on Harmonic of Price & Time Relationship


Brief outlook of what you will learn in the Part #2 of Gann Price-Time Trading Secrets Course



Part #2

Nature of Numbers & Natural Movement of Numbers

Market Trend Detector: The Secret Edge of Trend

WD Gann’s Swing Chart Trading Techniques

True Market Rhythm – I:Timing the Trade


Brief outlook of what you will learn in the Part #3 of Gann Price-Time Trading Secrets Course



Part #3

WD Gann’s 1909 Wheat Chart Trading Secret

Point to Point Trading Method – II: Adding more Space towards Balancing in Markets

True Market Rhythm – II – Key Based Solution for Finding Swing Highs & Lows

The Future Timing Method – Wisdom of Days & Numbers

WD Gann’s Master Time Factor: Key of Market Timing

Long Term Time & Price Cycles


I’m very selective regarding teaching Master Course Gann Price-Time Trading Secrets, there will be no Mass Teaching of Master Course, those who are interested can send me mail at for more information regarding this course – Divesh