Financial Market Energy – Frequently Asked Question


To help you and all your questions, I have combined several frequent queries which other clients have questioned previously before learning Financial Market Energy method technique for themselves.


1. I’m basically Swing trader but trade Intraday also some time, will your method Financial Market Energy works for both type of trading ?

Ans – Yes Financial Market Energy (FME) method, works well for both type of trading and I’ve already given ample of chart examples for both Intraday as well swing trading on blog


2. I’m already using Gann Square of 9/Gann circle for my trading, your FME method course is same?

Ans – No, FME is not based on any type of Sq of 9 or Gann circle, In fact Sq of 9 or Gann Circle which you have learnt from other Gann researchers is not appropriate as my Decade research on WD Gann and market truth proves me the exact method of using Sq of 9 or Square method of WD Gann is for entirely different use and in today’s time mostly other Gann researchers have misunderstood all that precious knowledge.


3. In your FME method charts you have marked Turning price points; can I also mark the same turning price points and use them perfectly for my trading?

Ans – Yes of course, FME will help you to predict precise turning price points in any type of market whether you are Equity/Commodity or Currency market trader FME is applicable in all type of trading market.


4. You’re FME and even other courses are very costly?

Ans – Well the cost for real market truths are expensive, my courses are specially designed for professional traders who can use and take well care of these deep trading secrets & market truth.


5. Can I trade standalone on the basis of FME or do I need any other method or indicator to trade with FME?

Ans – Yes FME is standalone trading method