Proper Logic Behind Buying/ Selling

In our 11th Sep post, we projected two projections on Daily charts & even from 1st projection we get a turn in last week, now today it was chance of our 2nd projection to show its strength of turn & finally that also shown us its power.

Proper Logic Behind Buying/ Selling

Well let me clear, these projections are not to forecast exact bottoms or tops, the mission of these projections is to know precise buying or selling points, these are the mathematical truth points, which exist in all charts & on all time frames.

In the above chart, If we project one more 'High Probability Buying Area' (which was last projections as per current price structure) below the Red horizontal line.

Then it will be the horizontal back line, and that is coming at the price level of 10910, well in intraday we saw the good buying from near to the 10910 level.

It will be interesting to see now, how the market will react in coming days, many 'PRICE & TIME' symmetries are at work which suggest volatile moves ahead in coming days.

In our very last post, we also talked, we are into the times, where we need Unique Rare & Quality approaches for protecting our portfolios & fulfilling our objectives.

I m again writing this here because after seeing today’s unusual moves in few stocks like DHFL & YES BANK., it’s essential for every individual trader or investor to think How & on what basis they are trading or investing in the markets.

Well, I will show you on the charts how the use of Rare trading information can hint us very early about all such moves.

Proper Logic Behind Buying/ Selling
Proper Logic Behind Buying/ Selling

In both the above Stocks we can see clearly how early, one can get the hint about the upcoming downside.

There always should be the logic behind Buying/Selling, as there are many techniques or methods or indicators are available, but the question is Are they reliable? And do they work same most of the time?

Posted by Divesh
September 21, 2018