The Nifty & Bank Nifty Stock Index Last week…


It was volatile week, as same was expected due to F&O expiry & Global market turmoil in news

But, volatile markets are good from profitability  point of view, wild & fast price swings are the one which most of the traders look to take trade for more & quick opportunities.



The above Nifty Index last week chart shows how easy it was to take the opportunity of wild swings for good profitability, same case was with Bank Nifty Index…


Don’t expect same with other market participants, as these are the highly precise turning points, which are hidden in the plain sight of market.


But, now you can be from one of our students, who can learn one or more such type of unique & result oriented trading techniques

all you need to have send mail for requesting course details & then take further action accordingly – Divesh 

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