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The majority of don’t expect the fact that Mr.Gann’s work can be applied to intra-day trading, but, that is mainly because Mr.Gann  left no chart examples of his intra-day trades.

A few of Mr. Gann’s techniques were applied to Stock Market on Intraday charts and found above important price point turns which leads to successful Trading result not only successful but extraordinary results can be seen on above chart.



Buying & Selling points which you are seeing in above chart are pre-determined trading points, Do not expect other individuals to pre-determine such type of trading opportunities, as mostly traders and analysts use the same common, overused and unreliable techniques.

Most of the traders believe Day trading is the most toughest part, my view & experience is just opposite I believe if one is having Good / Excellent and Special Trading tools just like our Financial Market Energy, Point to Point Method, True Market Rhythm & our many other techniques. Then day trading will become very fruitful business

Which all have taken a Decade time to come into the light, will help you to beat the Day Trading myths and you will be ready in advance to capture such type of moves in Intra-day.

I know you have already wasted thousand and lakhs of amount on some sought of trading course, but at the end of the day you are still at same place from where you started before spending thousands and lakhs of amount on such courses.

But, at this Blog mission is different I’m here to share or teach you which  are Rare’ Unique & Secret, You can be one of them By Taking Step to get the Market knowledge & wisdom you need to stand out from the crowd.




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