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The benefits of Early Bird Timing. . .

  To be part of 1% you must do what only 1% dare to do…   The majority of don’t expect the fact that Mr.Gann’s work can be applied to intra-day trading, but, that is mainly because Mr.Gann  left no chart examples of his intra-day trades. A few of Mr. Gann’s techniques were applied to […]

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Crude Oil Long-Short Intraday Trading…

  How To Approach Market Turn Around…   Whenever markets shift we should change and rapidly towards the one and also the only Real and Actual truth of the markets price… Crude Oil last recent 2 trading sessions move is simple instance… When you have accessibility to the decoding Important factors just like shown in […]

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Siemens Stock Trend…

  There is only one trend in this stock & that is down, but now stock has reach at Important levels on Weekly (1002) & Monthly (1014) timeframe where some buying can be seen in the stock, however daily charts are still showing prices can found support around 974 levels, Any further Breakdown will happen […]

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