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Nifty 50 Short Term Trend Analysis. . .

The upper red horizontal line at the 9950 price level is the price point to watch for again upside shift in prices, if fail to do so then we can see price levels of 9570 / 9350 (marked as green horizontal line) in short span of time..


Locating critical price levels for highs and lows as well as highly probably turn dates are really some of the most sought-out tools & techniques that traders wish for, Predictions can be made very accurately, but one must first put away faulty assumptions and teachings – Divesh

Measuring of Market Waves. . .

Our Last Analysis on Zinc,did all targets as per prediction…


                                                                      Whats Next ???  Here is Next View for Zinc…



202 – 204.20 most probably will be the Top for current swing for 195 / 190 targets, If we get close above 204.20 then in that case prices can shoot up to the New Life time price 215 & there again we expect the top formation


My Mission is to provide investors and traders with lasting, effective trading methods THAT WILL WORK IN ANY MARKETS,I can point you in the direction of where great gains are being made NOW, but, I can’t make you take advantage of them. That’s up to you. 


Make Yourself Ready!Learn the secrets & skills then apply them to the most profitable of markets.Take Action.


NOTE: These projections & views are not given in an advisory manner but only as an educational tool.



Quick Update on our Aluminium Price Prediction..

                                                             Prediction Accurate, Again..

One can take profitable advantage of these periodic swings.  


These types of profitable opportunities are everywhere ! But one only need to have proper mindset or success oriented attitude to be able to look for these types of opportunities when they arrive.

As for the first requirement, only you can form the right attitude and mindset required to win this Game.

You can learn to view these markets in ways no others will ever see them and, because of that skill, you’ll see ‘Opportunity’ where no others will. – Divesh

August 16, 2017

Comex Gold Ready for Quick Action…

By Looking at the Gold market is managing it strength for breakout above 1300$ on weekly basis for move towards 1320$ / 1340$ level, till holding 1270$ on daily basis prices are in strength & can show strong upmove in days to come


Price and it’s variations are all enclosed within an invisible set of boundaries and can’t escape from these confines, (known as ‘trend’) until their present energies and momentum are used up.


NOTE: These projections & views are not given in an advisory manner but only as an educational tool.

How much strong is this cement…

Ambuja Cement Ltd has given breakout above 273 for the projected target of 285 / 293, which will most probably turn out to be short term top also

Always remember – We are Followers of the Markets & will let them dictate the price trends, our specialty should be to detect these types of critical turning points & take the advantage of the markets momentum to carry us to profitability – Divesh